Strategic Planning Process

The College of Design hosted three open forums in fall 2012 for faculty, staff and students to provide input into our strategic planning process for 2013-2020. The college also solicited input from alumni and members of its Advancement Council and departmental advisory boards.

The college's strategic planning committee synthesized and distilled the results of these meetings to produce mission, values and vision statements and an action plan to guide our progress over the next seven years. This one-page document, approved in December 2012, served as the foundation for the college to develop an implementation or action plan that identifies specific tasks associated with each of the action items as well as time lines, costs, evaluative measures and those responsible for carrying out the work. The action plan was approved in March 2014.

College of Design 2013-20 Strategic Plan & 2014-16 Action Plan
Download the final plan (includes one-page strategic plan containing the college's mission, values and vision as well as the eight strategic goals used to develop the action/implementation plan, followed by the action plan for 2014-2016, including tactics and key performance indicators)