Prospective Students

Pursuing a DESIGN Education

Iowa State University's College of Design is one of the most comphrensive institutions for design in the U.S., offering a distinct and broad range of design disciplines under one "roof." The exceptional breadth and depth of expertise resident in the college provides unparalleled opportunities for students to engage in all scales of design inquiry and making: from micro-level jewelry pieces to maro-level multi-state regional transportation plan.

Design is everywhere.

Design is all around us. It's both product and process. The products of design form the interface between humans and the environment: beautiful, useful and sustainable places, objects and futures. Design quality contributes to the quality of our lives.

Designers make a difference.

Utilize integrative, synthetic process of thinking and making through the process of design. The design process engages all of the senses, and all of our ways of knowing. It requires independent visioning concurrent with collaborative action. Design uses all of the materials and technologies available and appropriate to the task, from hand modeling of organic materials, to the sophisticated manipulation of the latest digital technologies. Designers communicate ideas through images and physical forms as well as words. They engage in big-picture, right-brain thinking while using left-brain logic to evaluate and assess. They see things others don't, ask questions, make stuff, transform cultures and change environments.

Design is necessary.

The world needs places, objects and futures not yet imagined or made, that only designers can bring into being.