Do you think you want to enter one of the many fields in design, but you're not sure which one most appeals to you or best suits your talents? The College of Design at Iowa State University might be the perfect place to find out!

Our College of Design is among only a half-dozen design schools in the nation where the same mix of disciplines (architecture, landscape architecture, community and regional planning, design, graphic design, industrial design, interior design and studio arts) is housed in the same college, under the same roof. Even if you're undecided right now about what to major in, with such an exciting variety of programs, you're likely to find something here that fits your interests. In the meantime, the Design – Undeclared program is for students just like you.

The College of Design welcomes and encourages students to explore their options. In fact, as a new student in our college, you can wait a year to choose your major and it won't affect your graduation date. How is this possible? Most of our freshmen enroll in the first-year Core Design Program, which means you share a set of classes during your first year that help prepare you to be a design major—any design major.

In the Core Design Program, you learn about all of our majors and programs, and you learn skills that can be used no matter which area you decide to enter. Maybe you're interested in architecture, but until now you've never heard of landscape architecture and that sounds intriguing, too—and what exactly is community and regional planning? Or you've always been good at drawing and would like to find a way to incorporate that into your future career, but you're not sure if you should study studio arts or if you could use those skills effectively in another design discipline.

The core program exposes you to the many opportunities available and gives you time to contemplate your choices before making a decision. At the end of your first year, you can then apply to any or all of the college's professional degree programs.

Now all you need are a few courses to inspire your creativity and enhance your innovative spirit. Come join us and let's get started!