Landscape Architecture

Careers in Landscape Architecture

Employment for landscape architects is expected to grow much faster than average for other occupations. With land costs rising and the public desiring more beautiful spaces, the importance of good site planning and landscape design is growing. Environmental concerns and increased demand for sustainably designed construction projects will spur demand for the services of landscape architects. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

When you graduate with a landscape architecture degree from Iowa State University, you can expect to find a good job, but new graduates with internship experience will have an advantage. Internships provide unique professional connections and portfolio work. Opportunities are best for students who develop strong technical skills, such as computer design, communication skills and knowledge of environmental codes and regulations.

The Department of Landscape Architecture recognizes the importance of professional preparation. We emphasize both conceptual thinking and design alongside skill building in speaking, visual communication, materials and construction as necessary components of the curriculum. Students in our department typically choose to participate in internships either during summers, or as a part of our required fourth-year spring semester "away." The College of Design's Career Services Office assists students and faculty with identifying internship options as well as provides preparation and advice for portfolio development, interviewing skills, and other elements. We also have a course dedicated to learning more about career opportunities and preparation for the semester away.

The Career Services Office annually surveys College of Design graduates regarding employment, salary and continuing education activity. You can review the most recent employment statistics online.