Design's Diverse Community

Diversity is a critical component of all creative processes, and in a college where creativity is essential, diversity is not just about being politically correct—it goes to the very core of our mission. Iowa State's College of Design acts to assemble a truly diverse environment for the benefit of all the members of our community.

The college's current student enrollment includes:

  • 1823 undergraduate students
  • 168 graduate students
  • 301 international students
  • 1188 Iowa residents
  • 502 non-Iowa U.S. residents.

Within this community we are:

  • 12% identify as a U.S. ethnic minority
  • >10.5% international 

Our faculty, too, represent a broad range of backgrounds and hail from a number of countries, including Canada, China, Germany, Ghana, Israel, Lebanon, Mexico and Turkey as well as the US.

Diversity for us is not only about background. We represent a diverse array of disciplines, perspectives and interests, and embrace the opportunities this provides for innovation and collaboration.

View the college diversity report covering activities from 2011 to 2013.

Design Multicultural Office
The Multicultural Office is part of Design Student Services. The College of Design's multicultural liaison officer, Audrey Kennis, provides assistance and guidance in understanding issues of diversity in the college, at Iowa State University and beyond.

Diversity Committee
The College of Design's Diversity Committee provides programming and diversity awareness opportunities for faculty, staff and students, and encourages diversity in hiring, invited speakers, etc.

More Information:
Audrey Kennis
Multicultural Liaison Officer
290 College of Design
(515) 294-9555