Design (Interdisciplinary)

Career paths for bachelor of Design

Students in the BA in Interdisciplinary Design program will be prepared to work in the multidisciplinary, team-oriented and dynamic world of design. You can choose many of the courses you want to take to meet the BDes requirements, which creates an individualized program of study that reflects your personal interests and career aspirations.

Possible career paths for students with this BA degree include advertising, branding, design consulting, design journalism, gallery and museum careers, marketing and sales of design products, website design, digital design, and starting a small business. Some BDes graduates continue their design education in a professional graduate program and then look for a job.  

The BA in Interdisciplinary Design degree can be combined with a double or secondary major or a minor, allowing you to put together a curriculum directed toward a career or graduate program. For example, this BA with a secondary major in environmental studies or a minor in sustainability might prepare you to work as a consultant for design companies looking to be more green and sustainable. A BA and a digital media minor would give you a strong foundation for a career as a website designer or digital artist. A BA with a secondary major in international studies would prepare you to work or continue your studies outside of the United States. A BAand a minor in psychology, sociology, sustainability, or technology and social change could be a path toward an interdisciplinary graduate program in fields such as art therapy, environmental design, sustainable environments or urban design.

The BA in Interdisciplinary Design faculty and staff are available to speak with you individually about your career aspirations and how best to put together a personalized curriculum that will help you achieve your goals. Contact us to make an appointment!