Core Design Program

2016 degree program Application Essay

After completion of the Core, each student must go to one of the ELO Testing Centers on campus to complete the required essay between April 18 and April 29, 2016 in order to complete the essay requirement of the major application.

Do not wait until the end of this period to write and submit your essay! Expect testing centers to be busy.

Essay Topics
Each student will be randomly assigned one of the two prompts on which to write an essay. Each of the prompts is from key concepts presented during DSN S 183: Design Cultures.

Essay Requirements

The essay should be a thoughtful, clearly written argument in response to the essay prompt. Reviewers will evaluate the essay based on a number of factors that may include ability to write standard English (mechanics), clarity of argument, appropriateness and specificity of examples used to support your argument, and quality of language (word choice, sentence structure, etc.).

  • No notes or electronic devices will be allowed in the testing area.
  • Your essay should be at most 500 words in length (word count displays at bottom-right corner of text box).
  • Do not use formatting tools such as bold, italic, bulleted or numbered lists, different fonts or colors, etc.
  • Be sure to save your work as you go.
  • You have one hour (60 minutes) to complete and submit your essay.
  • Your essay must be submitted before 6 p.m. Central Time, Friday, April 29, 2016.

Disability Accommodations
Students with documented disabilities who have utilized exam accommodations in the past are encouraged to complete a SAAR form with Student Disability Resources staff for the "Core Portfolio Essay" scheduled for April 18-May 6, 2016. Your signed SAAR form must be presented to Michelle Rasmussen, Design Student Services, 297 Design, by April 18, 2016 for appropriate accommodations to be made.