Biological/Pre-Medical Illustration

Careers in Biological and Pre-Medical Illustration

Biological, scientific and medical illustrators may work as full-time employees of studios producing a wide variety of scientific and medical illustration, ranging from:

  • Individual illustration for publications
  • Presentations
  • Dioramas for companies, zoos or museum
  • Digitally animated sequences showing a medical, pharmaceutical or scientific process or concept.
  • Publishers, museums and zoos
  • Research facilities — such as universities and hospitals

Illustrators often choose to become small-business entrepreneurs, working for themselves and negotiating contracts for a variety of projects, including books. Some become employers, recruiting and hiring additional illustrators and designers to help produce and design works that communicate.

Graduates of the Iowa State University BPMI program enter fields such as:

  • Biocommunications and visualization
  • Environmental and conservation display design
  • Scientific illustration
  • Museum display design
  • Various areas in the publishing industry

Most students graduating from the BPMI program apply to graduate programs in medical illustration, continuing their education to become certified medical illustrators.