Art and Design

Our Curriculum

The Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design is a non-studio based degree program that explores academic paths in art and design and is ideal for students interested in double majoring. Students interested in the BA in Art and Design first complete the Core Design Program, then declare a major in Art and Design. This degree program is not enrollment managed.

The BA curriculum has two concentrations:

  • Art and Culture
    • ​Create your own program of study, which can include another major or minor in a subject taught outside the College of Design. This concentration emphasizes studio components.
  • Visual Culture Studies
    • Take introductory history courses offered by other programs in the College of Design, including architecture, landscape architecture, community and regional planning, graphic design and interior design. The flexible curriculum provides a great deal of freedom to select courses from outside the Art and Design major.

​Students in each concentration often pursue a second major or minor to complement their Art and Design degree program. BA students can take some studio art classes if desired. 

Curriculum Sheets (PDF) for the BA in Art and Design
(These include number of required credits, list of courses, and suggested four-year plan with courses broken into semesters and years.)