Student Profiles

Fifth-Year Architecture
George Washington Carver Scholar
President, ISU Chapter, National Organization of Minority Architects Students
Chicago, Illinois

What I liked best about the Core Design Program:
I got to explore all the different types of design. I knew I wanted to study architecture, but it was interesting to learn about other disciplines like graphic design and use different media. It was also a nice introduction to the studio culture before being immersed in the architecture program.

Why I chose to study architecture:
Growing up in Chicago, I was surrounded by great architecture. I've always been interested in the built environment and how it can affect people and make their lives better.

Impact of travel and study abroad:
Since I've been at ISU, I’ve been able to travel all over the country on field trips, including one to New York, where I attended the New York City Ballet. Last year I spent a semester in Italy with the College of Design Rome Program. I learned so much about myself and saw such amazing architecture and got to experience their culture. It was the best experience of my life so far!

Best advice I've received in college:
Seek feedback from others. Getting fresh eyes on something is always helpful. You can never go wrong just asking for help.

My advice if you’re thinking about enrolling at Iowa State:
Iowa State has a great campus and the professors all want to see you succeed. If you're looking for a college where you'll be supported and there's a strong sense of community, I would definitely encourage you to attend ISU and the College of Design.



Fourth-Year Architecture
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Cyclone Aide
Pella, Iowa

The best thing about the Core Design Program:
The Core Program was really challenging, but what I loved about it is that you get this broad perspective of art. You get to experiment with all sorts of different media. I think it really helps students figure out what they want to do. For me it solidified my decision to study architecture.

Why I chose to study architecture:
When I was in high school, I got exposed to architecture mostly through art, like drawing and painting. I was also always good at math and science, and architecture combines all those worlds.

Impact of getting involved on campus:
I work for my faculty adviser as an undergraduate research assistant, doing environmental research on buildings. Right now, we're validating this software for air flow, so all of the experiments for that have been really eye opening.

I have been a Cyclone Aide (student leader who facilitates orientation and Destination Iowa State) and that's helped me become comfortable with public speaking. I had the chance to speak in front of 400 people! For a while all of the Cyclone Aides were living together in Maple Hall so I got really close with everyone. They are now some of my best friends. It's really given me the skills and confidence to go out and do whatever I want to do.

What I love most about Iowa State:
My favorite thing about Iowa State is the people. When touring colleges, that was one of the selling points for me.

Best advice I've received in college:
Learn how to adapt and just be broad in your outlook. There will be a lot of challenges when you design, so being flexible is really important.