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Iowa STate Academic Probation Policy

Students are placed on academic probation status as a warning that their academic progress is not satisfactory and that they should take steps to improve their academic performance to avoid dismissal from the university. If you are are placed on academic probation, you should immediately seek assistance in academic improvement from such sources as academic advisers, instructors, the Student Counseling Service, and the Academic Success Center.

Academic Warning, Probation and Dismissal
Continued enrollment at Iowa State University depends upon maintaining satisfactory academic progress toward attaining a degree. To assist students in maintaining satisfactory progress, Iowa State University has adopted academic standards designed to provide early identification of those who are experiencing academic difficulty, and to provide timely intervention through academic advising and academic support programs.

Academic standing at Iowa State University is dependent upon the total number of credits you have attempted or earned, your semester grade-point average (GPA), your cumulative ISU GPA, and your transfer GPA (if below 2.00).

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