Rome Program


Apartments in Rome are arranged by the College of Design through Boarding House International. Apartments will be located in the area of Via Ippolito Nievo in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome.

Housing costs are charged to the Rome Program in euros and will appear on the U-bill as an amount that has been converted to dollars, which will depend on the constantly fluctuating exchange rate between the euro and the dollar. Housing costs are €25/day for each student (for programs under 30 days it is €30/day/student). Actual housing costs after all deposits and payments are made could be higher or lower than what is stated in the estimated budget. Sometimes fluctuating exchange rates require the college to make a second smaller charge to the U-bill to accurately reflect the total amount charged to the program. Regardless of the estimate stated, the U-bill will be charged the actual housing cost.

The college also charges each student an escrow until the cost of utilities is determined for each apartment after the semester. The apartment rent daily rate already includes up to €250/apartment/month in utilities costs. If the utilities costs exceed that amount, students will have a deduction made from the escrow. If the total exceeds the escrow, the additional cost will appear on the U-bill as a separate charge.

The escrow is also for potential damages and housing provider procedure violations. If a student causes damages to the apartment or to the studio, the cost will be deducted from the escrow of the responsible student. If no one accepts responsibility for apartment damages or housing provider procedure violations, all students in that apartment will be charged equally. If no one accepts responsibility for studio damages, all students will be charged equally. The housing provider will give a list of procedures, violation charges and replacement costs for damages to students. If the total exceeds the escrow, the additional cost will appear on the U-bill as a separate charge. If no additional costs for utilities, damages or procedure violations are incurred, the escrow will be refunded in full to the U-bill after the end of the term.

You will be provided with information about your housing options in the semester prior to the program. You will be asked to organize yourselves into groups according to the number of apartments and how many beds are available in each. Typically, apartments accommodate six or eight students. Apartments will be distributed on the basis of student preferences whenever possible, and flexibility on everyone’s part will make the distribution process run much more smoothly.

All of the apartments are furnished and come supplied with dishes, cooking equipment, towels and linens. Of course, if you are particular about the quality of the linens you use, you can choose to bring basic twin bed sheets and a towel. Ikea is also a popular choice where students purchase extra items after arrival. Note that having your own towel is advantageous when traveling outside of Italy, as those in hotels, if provided at all, seem to get smaller the further east you travel. Washcloths, or face cloths as we know them, are provided by BH International, but as a general rule these small towels do not exist in Italy.