Research and Outreach

2011 PLaCE projects

Spring semester 2011 PLaCE projects:

  • LA 478A:  A Landscape Within. This special course offering, in cooperation with the Iowa Department of Corrections, is addressing site concepts for a new campus for the Women’s Prison in Mitchellville.  This course may have potential to carry on into future semesters.
  • LA 202:  Beginning Site Design.  Students will create concept plans for Pattee Park and Perkins Park in Perry during spring semester.  They will begin this project after spring break.  This outreach project has a long history in the LA department.
  • ART GR 477:  Graphic Design Practicum.  Graphic Design students will work with the Common Thread group, a consortium of eleven central Iowa towns, to create a logo to help market their region.

Several other projects are being addressed by a team of students in a workshop setting, under the direction of Heidi Hohmann and Susan Erickson.  

  • The City of Perry has requested a study of the downtown area to assess the possibility of building an events center near the Hotel Pattee.  This center would accommodate 250-300 people.
  • St. Stevens Lutheran Church has requested design assistance with gardens for food production. They are dedicated to creating a sustainable, restful space where the congregation will grow food for the hungry in their neighborhood.
  • The students are also working on a document to help cities and organizations move forward with an RFP for design services after they have used the PLaCE program.

PLaCE was also highlighted at the following professional conferences:  

  • National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals 
  • Erasing Boundaries (Design Outreach and Service-Learning) 
  • National Urban Extension Conference