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Design Laptop Program INFORMATION

The College of Design Laptop Program helps Design Students purchase, use, and have assistance with maintaining their own laptop computers. This plan allows the studio and computer lab to be joined and portable. Curricula and coursework continue to be revised to optimize integrated learning with digital technology. The Design Laptop Program offers an option for mobility, and is useable anywhere within the College, or from a remote location via networking. This helps make the design studio technology environment rich, portable, and accessible.


Purchasing a laptop through the College of Design


After completing the Core, undergraduate students admitted into a Design major and Design graduate programs are presented with the opportunity to purchase a laptop through the College.




  • Newest Apple MacBook Pro 15” laptop

  • Latest powerful design software necessary for Design College major areas of study

  • Repayment is made to the College of Design for the included materials over a period of three academic years, rather than a high up-front expense.

For laptop program information and support contact:

Design Laptop Support

Mitchell Versteeg, 430 Design


Phone: (515) 294-5841